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Guruji Rajakarthikeyan

Everyone is invited to attend our Shivanadi. The world-renowned Guruji Rajakarthikeyan is the speaker. Since the beginning of 20 years Shivanadi’s astrology has provided services for love, marriage and career, money, children education, fun, health and financial counseling. A number of renowned Nadi Astrology along with Agasthiyar Nadi Jothidam centers around the globe is located in Vaitheeswaran Kovil. A number of famous Nadi Astrological centres around the globe is ours. We can boast that it is well-known around the globe. Rajakarthikeyan was raised in an reverent family and was born to it. As an astrologer who has around twenty years experience he’s helped hundreds of people to living the life they want to live.

Since he has been pursuing and practicing astrology from an early age his knowledge about the topic is extensive. Many people seek out his guidance to protect their lives. His advice and solutions are valuable. Nadi Astrology Also called “nadii jatisa,” is one of the branches of Dharma Astrology that is utilized in different areas of India. The basis of the practice is that every person has lived through the past, present and the future according to predictions made by the Dharma Sages who were in their final years. A highly accurate methods of predicting the future of someone is believed to be the Nadi Astrology’s knowledge. Many people have profited from the application of this method for making crucial decision. The hopes and dreams of each human being were written on palm leaves that were later read by all four generations. This is a good idea for all countries in the world. We’ve recently started offering online Nadi astrology services as the internet being the best way to connect with others.