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Nadi Astrology

Nadi Astrology is based on the old-age belief that person can determine the future, present and past with the help of texts written on palm leaves, also known informally as Nadi leaves.Palm Leaves are dried then cured using special herbs, and can vary in dimensions. A siddha group known as masters of the enlightenment etched leaves with tiny handwritten inscriptions dated thousands in the past. The accuracy of nadi-jothidam relies on the identification of the correct leaf.

Nadi Jothidam is an oldest methods of astrology that was developed by the great sage Agasthiyar through his spiritual power.To safeguard humanity’s future, the sage protected every prediction.The sage correctly predicted the future of humanity, including traits, career, family life and health. The leaves were initially stored at Tanjore Saraswati Mahal. However, over time, some of the leaves were destroyed and some were sold under British rule. The leaves are then recovered by our forefathers as well as the families of astrologers who realize their immense worth.

Vaitheeswarankoil Nadi Jothidam

On the northern bank of the river cauvery lies the Vaitheeswaran Koil, which is believed to be the main centre of Nadi Jothidam. The most important god at the place of worship is Lord Shiva and is who is worshipped by the name of Sri Vaitheeswaran. The belief is that during early time there was a war between Lord Subramanya and Surapadman, the demon, at the time which the Lord Subramanya’s army suffered severely wounded. Then, Lord Shiva changed into vaitheeswaran and cured their wounds. The one who worships Lord shiva by the name of “Vaitheeswaran” in this temples the god will protect his devotees from illness and diseases. Vaitheeswaran Koil in Tamilnadu is one of the Navagraha(nine planets) temples that are associated with the Planet Mars.As as per the legends it is believed that this is the location in which Planet Mars was healed from the hands of Vaidyanatha Swamy (Lord Shiva) when he was suffering from leprosy.This temple is believed to be the place of birth of Nadi Jothidam. The temple is also known in another form Vaitheeswarankoil Nadi Jothidam. We are one of the families of astrologers that have been successful in the area of Nadi Jothidam. We are also known as the most renowned and best Nadi read or Astrologer of vaitheeswaran the koil. Get in touch with us to avail the Nadi Jothidam service. Predictions are provided in 6 different languages, including English, Tamil, telugu, Malayalam , Kannada and Hindi.