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Vaitheeswaran Koil


Vaitheeswaran koil is renowned as the centre of Nadi Astrology. According to legend, Lord Shiva transformed into a doctor or vaidya at this temple to alleviate the distress and anguish of his followers. Vaitheeswaran, also known as Vaidyanathar, is worshipped here as the “God of healing,” and it is believed that offering prayers to him can cure ailments. In Tamil, the name “Vaitheeswaran” sounds like “vaideeswaran.” This temple is one of the nine Navagraha temples and is linked with the planet Mars (Angaraka). Within the temple complex, there is a sacred water source called siddhamirtham that contains nectar, and it is believed that immersing oneself in this water can cure all illnesses. In ancient times, numerous siddhas performed abishek to the deity of Vaitheeswaran koil using nectar and were granted many blessings. The nectar utilized during the abishek was combined with the sacred spring, resulting in 18 theerthas that have the ability to heal all ailments that afflict individuals. Lord Vaidyanatha possesses the power to not only alleviate physical suffering but also relieve individuals from the cycle of birth and death. This powerful deity is capable of remedying planetary issues and fulfilling the desires of devotees at Vaitheeswaran koil.